Bring Target Shooting Into Your School

Benefits to the School and students

Target shooting is probably the most inclusive of all sports as it does not require speed or strength. If you struggle to involve some students in sport then target shooting may be the solution.

It promotes concentration, self-discipline and perseverance. It helps to boost confidence and self esteem and can be particularly therapeutic for SEND children and those on the learning spectrum.

What we do can be easily adjusted to suit disabled shooters.

Target shooting is equally popular with girls and boys.

It is equally popular with all ages - we cater to ages 8 to 18.

What we can offer you

Target shooting as a regular After School Club

Target shooting as part of Enrichment Days

Target shooting as a Workshop or Special Event

We make it easy


We are completely self-sufficient. We bring a mobile range and all the equipment needed. Shooting is one of the safest of sports. We carry full third party liability insurance and undertake Risk Assessments.

We will be very happy to visit your school and answer your questions: (Surrey) (Kent)

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