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Children's Clubs

Bring this very inclusive sport to your club 

Target shooting is probably the most inclusive of all sports as it does not require speed or strength. If you struggle to involve some students in sport then target shooting may be the solution. It promotes concentration, self-discipline and perseverance. It helps to boost confidence and self esteem and can be particularly therapeutic for SEND children and those on the learning spectrum.

Scouts, Guides, Cubs & Brownies

We can do a one off event for you, or even a monthly visit either at one of our ranges or bring our equipment to your venue. 

One-2-One Lessons

In some locations we can offer 1-2-1 lessons.  If you are looking for some tuition to improve or considering joining a rifle club and would like to try the following disciplines air rifle, air pistol or .22 prone, benchrest or standing please message us.

Risk Assessments & Insurance

All venues and activities are risk assessed and we carry full Third Party Liability Insurance. We are completely self-sufficient, bringing with us everything that is needed for a very enjoyable session.

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