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Founded in 2016 by Jeanette Leivers & David Sprigg

Target Shooting School continues to go from strength to strength with classes across Kent and Surrey and from the Autumn Term 2022 West Sussex.

Jeanette Leivers (Founder & Director)

Jeanette was introduced to the sport in 2010 by her son Daniel (who also runs his own Target Shooting School classes)  an NSRA qualified Club Coach in Air Pistol, Air Rifle, 3P (3 positions), Lightweight Sporting Rifle and Crossbow.  Jeanette is a member of the National Smallbore Rifle Association, National Rifle Association, the British Pistol Club, ESSU, Air Captain at Bookham Rifle Club, and is a member of Surbiton Postal Rifle Club and South East Essex Pistol and Rifle Club. 

"I am absolutely passionate about the sport and getting all ages into the sport whether it is just for fun or to shoot competitively.  I am extremely proud of what we have achieved in the last 6 six years down at grassroots level.  Many of our students have gone on to other disciplines and training with regional squads"  If you haven't quite found that activity you or your child really enjoys why not give it a try?"

Joe De Michele (Director)

Joe started shooting when he was very young, mostly at fairground stalls and was a regular visitor to Portsmouth when the Navy would put hold a show day to encourage recruits.  There he was able to shoot on a .22 LR rifle range, and

later took up clay pigeon shooting as a hobby. Joe joined Bookham Rifle Club (BRC) in 2018 and was hooked.  He is now a member of the National Rifle Association and Chipstead District Rifle Club  and shoots long distance out to

1200 yards on the Bisley camp ranges.

Joe is a member of the National Smallbore Rifle Association (NSRA) and Bookham Rifle Club where he enjoys

shooting competitions.  He is the Lightweight Sporting Rifle Captain at BRC and an NSRA qualified Club Instructor. 

He is passionate about helping all of our students - (and their parents!) and shooters of all ages entering the sport for the first time or returning to it after realising something was missing. 

So don't just sit there ......

Mal West (TSS Kent Principal)

Shooting has been a major part of Mal's life since he was introduced to it by his dad in early childhoold, and captaining his university rifle club gave him a springboard into competitive shooting and coaching.  After graduating, he became Head of Shooting at a prestigious UK International school where he coached for 15 years, bringing generations of youngsters into County, Regional and National squads.  Mal started working with TSS in 2017 and set up TSS Kent in 2018.  With NSRA, ISSF, CPSA, MoD and NRA coaching qualifications behind him and 25 years of coaching experience, his aim is to bring shooting to a wider audience and reinstate it as an accepted and welcomed part of community life in Kent.

Daniel Bavin (TSS Surrey Principal)

Daniel has been shooting since the age of 11 when he joined Fetcham Scouts and loved it so much he joined

Bookham Rifle Club.  He was invited to join the National Scout squad and the South East Regional Pistol Squad

where he competed in Pistol at both at National and European level.

He has been involved with the Target Shooting School since its formation in 2016. He became full time in September 2019 and has been running his own Schools since April 2021.

He is an NSRA qualified Club Instructor in Air Rifle, Air Pistol, Lightweight Sporting Rifle and Crossbow.  He is a

member of the British Pistol Club and also the Junior Captain of Bookham Rifle Club.

David Sprigg (1957-2021)

David started shooting at the age of 9 at Bookham Rifle Club.  His love of shooting continued at boarding school and he returned to the sport in 2009 when he rejoined Bookham RC.  David was the Surrey County Lightweight Sporting Rifle Captain and an NSRA qualified Club Instructor in several shooting disciplines. David co-founded Stagecoach Theatre Arts in 1988, and was its Managing Director for 25 years until his retirement in 2013. David was a member of the National Rifle Association, National Smallbore Rifle Association, the British Pistol Club, LSR Captain Bookham Rifle Club, Surbiton Postal Rifle Club, Addiscombe Rifle Club and South East Essex Pistol and Rifle Club.

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