What We Offer             
  • Training in Air Rifle and Air Pistol for ages 7 to 18 running alongside the school terms

  • Skills training for the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards

  • Entry to County and National Competitions for those who wish to shoot competitively

  • A very friendly and supportive environment for those who shoot just for fun

  • Use of the School's high quality air rifles/pistols.  Everything is supplied. There are no additional costs.

How to try it out

Choose a location then book a Two Hour Taster or Two Week Trial.

Why Target Shooting?

Target Shooting is a very enjoyable Olympic sport that develops concentration, self-discipline and perseverance. It is equally popular with all Genders and is very accessible to those with a disability.


It does not require strength or speed and is very popular with those who have not taken to team sports. It can be enjoyed at all levels of ability. To try it out choose a location and enrol for a Taster or Trial.